Status of both Tapp & ADBToolkit

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Tapp [Discontinued, v1.5/1.6b]


  1. Login+Logout

  2. Basic vehicle functions such as, but not limited to: Lock and unlock, custom alarm, horn, lights, climate controls, charging controls

  3. Data from the vehicle (including, but not limited to): Location, speed, direction of travel, current gear, interior and exterior temperatures, general car data, battery information

  4. Graphs and easter eggs (maybe hold down some of the labels?)







ADBToolkit [Early Beta, v1.0 alpha]



  1. Connect to an Android device through USB, ethernet, or wirelessly

  2. Execute basic functions such as, but not limited to: Push/Pull files, enter text, unlock phone, swipe, tap, auto tap

  3. Violence – Destroys the passcode on the device, allowing you access without the code. This has been patched recently, but still works with rooted devices.

  4. Screen record, view, and capture. FFMpeg is used to view the screen live while ADB comes with the means to capture and record the screen.

  5. Device information such as, but not limited to: Manufacturer, device name and model, IP address, carrier, serial number etc.

  6. More will be released in the coming weeks.


Have an interactive glance at the GUI

Video to come!

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